ATR: From a TextEdit and a Button to a successful application
Posted by Mohamed Amir

Since I moved to study my PhD in Germany, I wanted to get a smartphone.  The decision was clear for me that I should buy an Android, especially with my limited budget; I ended up getting an HTC Wildfire.   Arab users usually suffer when using Android because it lacks reshaping the Arabic letters, i.e. Arabic letters are shown disconnected, and to make it worse in my case, I found that any Arabic text is displayed as squares on my phone as shown below …more

BetakOnline is approaching 2k posts

It’s now less than a year since the official launch of BetakOnline, the first real-estate website in the middle east that exploits Google Maps and social networking.  During this period QuinDev team has been working very hard to meet the expectations of our clients.  Many improvements took place and many additions are planned. All those measurments turned out to be very fruitful.  Let’s see some figures and charts: …more

Flip2Silent, the second QuinDev Application for Android

After Kidroid, QuinDev has launched its second application for Android platform; Filp2Silent.  
Flip2SilentFlip2Silent is a tool that enables you to switch your mobile into silent mode by simply flipping it upside down.

Flip2Silent has the following features: …more

QuinDev has launched Kidroid

QuinDev is pleased to launch Kidroid, an Android game for kids.

Kidroid is an educational game for kids of ages between 3 and 5 years, it improves their recognition skills. With Kidroid, you can teach your kids how to match images, read or listen to an object name and match it with its image.

Voice matching requires Android SDK 1.6 or higher with speech synthesize installed.

You can get the evaluation version of Kidroid or buy the full version from Andriod market.
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