BetakOnline is approaching 2k posts

It’s now less than a year since the official launch of BetakOnline, the first real-estate website in the middle east that exploits Google Maps and social networking.  During this period QuinDev team has been working very hard to meet the expectations of our clients.  Many improvements took place and many additions are planned. All those measurments turned out to be very fruitful.  Let’s see some figures and charts:

  • BetakOnline is now approaching 2,000 posts. (This is the total number, but some of them got deleted).
  • BetakOnline has posts in 84 different regions covering 21 cities all over Egypt.
  • BetakOnline twitter service has tweeted more than 1,600 tweets so far.
  • BetakOnline is now ranked 8,700 among Egyptian websites according to Alexa traffic ranking.
  • BetakOnline appeared in Google search results 135,000 times in the previous month. i.e. it appears in Google search results once every 20 seconds on average.
  • Charts below show the distribution of posts in BetakOnline according to type and city:
  • The chart below shows the number of advertisements posted to BetakOnline each month since its initial launch in February 2010 until October 2010.
  • The chart below shows the growth of total number of posts in BetakOnline since its initial launch in February 2010 until October 2010.

We finally would like to thank all our clients for the suggestions and ideas we receive through the contact form. We still have many ideas to add to BetakOnline, and more countries will be supported over time, so, stay tuned !.

  1. Congratulations,
    We hope to hear about 2M posts very near.

  2. Congratulations :) 3o2bal el Tera ISA :) :)

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