Flip2Silent, the second QuinDev Application for Android

After Kidroid, QuinDev has launched its second application for Android platform; Filp2Silent.  
Flip2SilentFlip2Silent is a tool that enables you to switch your mobile into silent mode by simply flipping it upside down.

Flip2Silent has the following features:

  • When you face your mobile down, Flip2Silent mutes ringing tone and/or phone notifications.
  • After you face your mobile up again, Flip2Silent returns your sound profile back to its previous configuration.
  • Flip2Silent uses Android motion sensor “Accelerometer”  to detect changes in the orientation of your mobile phone handset.
  • Flip2Silent is carefully designed to be power consumption optimized.
  • The status of the Flip2Silent is reflected to the notification area with a special icon.


Flip2Silent is available on Android market.
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  1. Very nice application, I really love this application in Nokia, so it is great to have it Android.
    Keep on fantastic apps.

  2. One Way

    Very NiCe.
    Rabbena yewaffa2ko :)

  3. marco

    just bought the app on the market. please tell me, why the download does not start.

    (actually i’m not a beginner – we are a team of 3 android developers ourselves)

    thank you,

  4. QuinDev

    Kindly be informed that any support requests should be sent over our contact email (available on the market) or using the contact form on our website.

  5. Derrick


  6. just installed on my new nexus one, working great.

  7. zozko

    send me the way how to buy your app flip2silent, please!
    because it is not available on android market – and my trial period was expired… :-(
    it works pretty on HTC desire!

    thak you for your help!

  8. QuinDev

    We are sorry for this in-convince. This problem is a common problem with some HTC Android phone users. They are not allowed to view the protected apps on the market because their mobile ROM is not approved by Google.

    For more information about this problem, check this thread.

    Any way, It is a matter of time and you will be able to see our application on the market.

  9. olivier


    la version demo fonctionne très bien sur mon dell streak 2.2
    aucun lien ne fonction pour acheter le version complet…
    merci de m’indiquer comment faire.

    dans l’attente,

  10. QuinDev

    It seems that Android market doesn’t support purchasing apps in your country.

  11. That inisght’s just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

  12. Nikola

    I installed the application but does not work on my phone Galaxy S3 (Root).
    Is it possible to help me to launch this application.


  13. QuinDev

    I will contact you by email to solve this issue

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