Flip2Silent, the second QuinDev Application for Android

After Kidroid, QuinDev has launched its second application for Android platform; Filp2Silent.  
Flip2SilentFlip2Silent is a tool that enables you to switch your mobile into silent mode by simply flipping it upside down.

Flip2Silent has the following features:

  • When you face your mobile down, Flip2Silent mutes ringing tone and/or phone notifications.
  • After you face your mobile up again, Flip2Silent returns your sound profile back to its previous configuration.
  • Flip2Silent uses Android motion sensor “Accelerometer”  to detect changes in the orientation of your mobile phone handset.
  • Flip2Silent is carefully designed to be power consumption optimized.
  • The status of the Flip2Silent is reflected to the notification area with a special icon.


Flip2Silent is available on Android market.
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