CakePHP i18n: problem of updating .po files with a text editor

According to CakePHP documentation, you can use the console to generate .pot file, a template file for all .po files used to localize your website to different languages.  The documentation also recommends using PoEdit to edit your .po files.

Since always I try to play nicely with CakePHP, I followed the the directions and used the console to generate the template and PoEdit to generate a .po file from this template, and then ……., nothing worked :-| …more

Flip2Silent, the second QuinDev Application for Android

After Kidroid, QuinDev has launched its second application for Android platform; Filp2Silent.  
Flip2SilentFlip2Silent is a tool that enables you to switch your mobile into silent mode by simply flipping it upside down.

Flip2Silent has the following features: …more

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