QuinDev has launched Kidroid

QuinDev is pleased to launch Kidroid, an Android game for kids.

Kidroid is an educational game for kids of ages between 3 and 5 years, it improves their recognition skills. With Kidroid, you can teach your kids how to match images, read or listen to an object name and match it with its image.

Voice matching requires Android SDK 1.6 or higher with speech synthesize installed.

You can get the evaluation version of Kidroid or buy the full version from Andriod market.
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  1. Alaa Al-Din

    I can’t wait to see your next innovations :)

  2. Adel Youssef

    Congratulations for the QuinDev team :)
    Good start. May Allah bless this work and guide you to the best path.

  3. Kareem El-Sayed

    Congratulations :)
    It’s really a wonderful game
    but may I ask .. will this objects update ?

  4. quindev

    Thank you, but excuse us, we cannot understand what you mean with your question.

  5. Nice game. Unfortunately, I don’t have an Android to play with it :(

  6. Nice game,
    keep on with these innovations.
    Really, great work.

  7. One Way

    Very nice one.
    Keep it up :-)

  8. Congratulations :) , nice work :-)

  9. Esch

    We love your demo for Kidroid but we’ve read online that one of the icons in the game is a gun, is this true? I’m not buying my 4 year old a game that has a gun in it if that is the case, children don’t need to see that. Thanks for your reply!

  10. QuinDev

    Esch, Thank you for your interest in our product. Gun has been removed from the earlier versions of the game. Now you can safely download the current version. Please, if you downloaded the current version, could you kindly leave a comment declaring that the gun has been removed.

  11. Esch

    Sorry for the delay on this, we finally got around to buying your game and the gun is indeed gone. Thank you very much!!!!

  12. QuinDev

    Please don’t forget to leave your comment on Android Market

  13. Hello,

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  14. Amira Ramadan

    Masha2 Allah nice work :)
    Keep going :)
    Wish you all success :)

  15. Congratulations :) MSA it’s a really cool App. :)

  16. Salam, nice work, but shouldn’t there be an Arabic version? Thanks

  17. QuinDev

    We may consider the Arabic version as soon as Android supports Arabic natively.

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